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Let's Hunt!!!

On a recent thrift shopping outing,  I spent the day digging through tent after tent and pile after pile searching for buried treasures and trinkets I felt it in my bones...I was MADE FOR THIS. I can't say I know much about anything, but I can say I know a ton about thrift shopping. It fills my spirit like no other! And I want you to tag along. Will you?

For $25 per year you can join the private society and together we will hit the flea markets, garage sales, thrift stores, antique malls, and everything else in between to search out amazing deals and unique finds. Along the way, I will share ideas, tips, and tricks I have learned over the past 17+ years of thrift shopping. You don't have to do your own shopping or live near me to join, just following along will give you ideas and inspire you on what to look for in your area. I hope it gives you the courage to bargain, pull stuff off the curb, and try new things. 

When you join The Salvaged Society you'll become a member of an exclusive group. These shopping excursions will be shared on a private Instagram page. There will also be an accompanying private Facebook group to share your finds and see what others are scoring! You'll be able to look through the group photos and videos in Instagram at your own leisure. 

Jump on in and  join this thrifting gang of gorgeous gals and find yourself among family! We are a sisterhood of salvagers, treasure hunters extraordinaire, finders and seekers. 

The Thrill of the Hunt Is Waiting For You

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